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How to View "Don't Be Evil" in 360 video for VR:

For Android and iOS mobile phones with Google Cardboard:



To view on an Android mobile phone using Google Cardboard or any similar VR headset, please purchase and download VR Player on the Android Play Store. Next, download our videos onto your cellphone from this page. Once you load VR Player, simply open the videos on your cellphone, choose the "Sphere" projection, and the "3D Over/Under" format. Then slide your phone into the cellphone VR headset and watch!



For iPhone using a Google Cardboard or any similar VR headset, download Kolor Eyes from the iTunes Store. Next, open the app and select "Download file" in the menu on the left.  Then paste the link for each chapter into the adress bar under Download, and tap Download. Then slide your phone into the cellphone VR headset and watch! You may need to download and watch each chapter one at a time, and delete after to make space to download the next chapter. Each chapter is available from this page.




In order to view these files on your Oculus Rift, you will need to download and install either VR Player or the MaxVR player. Both are only available for Windows. If you're using VR Player for Windows, please download the appropriate .json configuration file for the HMD you're using. If you're using MaxVR for Windows, simply choose the "Spherical" projection and "Over/Under" format.



For Samsung GearVR, download and save the videos from this page to your computer. Then, attach the phone to your computer via the USB cable. Go to or create the following path in either "Card" or "Phone": //Oculus/360Videos/. To start watching the videos, put the Gear VR on and look for "Library", then "Oculus 360 Videos".




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But... Why???

The Department of Badassery is on a mission to combine live theater with Virtual Reality.  VR is a brand new storytelling medium that is still developing a language. We believe that storytelling techniques that have been honed by theater makers for thousands of years will have a role to play, and we'd like to take part in that conversation.


VR opens theater artists up to the world in a way we've never had before. The live experience of a play is hard to capture and share beyond the 4 walls of a theater space. But with VR, the audience is brought into the room. It will be impossible not to connect to the material on a deeper level.


VR also may eventually solve the scale problem that theater has always had. A theater has a limited number of seats, and a play is performed in one city at a time. But with virtual reality, an unlimited number of people from across the globe could experience an immersive story together. We could connect artists and audiences across the globe and lose nothing of the immediacy of the live experience that makes theater such a unique and vital art form.


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